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Mother's Day Fragrance Gift Guide

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How would you describe your mom — warm, sweet or inviting? We’ve put together a guide to help you choose the right Bailly fragrance that will make your mom feel special this Mother’s Day, and every day.



Brilliance is for the mom who is always ready to give a hug. Although subtle and unassuming, there is a feistiness about her that will take you by surprise. 

With soothing notes of vanilla and patchouli, Brilliance smells like the warmth and comfort of a chai latte.




Excellence is for the mom who is the life of the party. Known for being fun and adventurous, she is certainly not afraid to be noticed.

With tantalizing notes of caramel and liquorice blossom, Excellence smells like the sweet and deliciousness of cotton candy.




Resilience is for the mom who always knows just what to say to make everything okay. Gracious and inviting, she has the appeal of flowers in full bloom.

With familiar notes of rose and white musk, Resilience smells like a fresh and fragrant bouquet of roses. 



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