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When you invest in a girl, the whole world benefits.


Fifteen percent of every sale from our Girl Power collection benefits the Just Like My Child Foundation's Girl Power Project



Why Girls?


She is at risk for dropping out of school early, sexual violence, forced child marriage, early pregnancy, complications during childbirth, and contracting HIV/AIDS. If she survives, she will raise her children in poverty and they, too, will face the same obstacles. And yet, girls have the potential to move themselves and their families into a healthier, more secure life. We are firm believers that by investing in empowering adolescent girls, we are supporting the most powerful force for change on the planet.


Adolescence is a critical juncture of life for a girl living in poverty:




















About the Girl Power Project®


In response to the challenges that adolescent girls face living in poverty, Just Like My Child Foundation developed school-based curriculum to empower girls with the tools they need to stay in school and avoid child marriage, disease, early pregnancy, and violence. Girls aged 12-15 are receiving 60+ hours of workshops, camp, and club sessions taught by local mentors in their local primary schools over the course of two years in central Uganda. How it works:


STEP 1: Laying the Foundation

The Girl Power Project aims to reach 50-80% of girls aged 12-15 in a community with curriculum that's delivered through an intensive two year program. Before Just Like My Child Foundation introduces the Girl Power Project in a community, first everyone must have the knowledge that is needed to support empowered girls. First, a foundation is laid for girls' empowerment by: teaching communities about the law and human rights; documenting how many adolescent girls live in each community served by the Girl Power Project; and by signing an agreement with the community that proves everyone's commitment to supporting their daughters through the Girl Power Project.


STEP 2: One Year of Workshops

One year of workshops are held for girls, boys, and adults in each community. We work alongside primary school communities to create positive learning environments so girls can stay in school, learn, and excel. The discussion and understanding of essential social survival skills include self-esteem, communication skills, peer pressure, puberty and menstruation, and violence against girls. Girls also dive deeper into discussions about healthy relationships, sex education, HIV/AIDS, their individual rights and responsibilities, and leadership. Boys learn to become advocates for girls' empowerment by discussing puberty, gender roles, gender-based violence, decision-making, goal setting, and leadership. Trusted adults in the community learn the same curriculum that girls and boys learn, so they are equipped to support and mentor the children in their community.


Girls who excel in the first two workshops are chosen by their peers, teachers, and Girl Power Project Coordinators to attend a bonus workshop: Camp Girl Power. At Camp, girls receive advanced training to graduate the program as Girl Power Project Peer Mentors. These natural leaders learn how to be effective mentors and receive an AFRIpads Menstrual Kit, reusable menstrual pads that help girls maintain good hygiene and are critical for staying healthy and in school.


STEP 3: One Year of After-School Club Sessions

With help from local partners and trusted adults in the community, our program facilitators help girl Peer Mentors share what they have learned with others (including girls who do not attend school) through 12 monthly club sessions held at their local primary school after school hours. Each Club Session reinforces the curriculum covered in the first two workshops by supplementing girls' knowledge with additional skills and resources. Topics include:

Establishing girls-only safe spaces
Girls' and childrens' rights
Sexual and reproductive health rights
Financial literacy (how to save and budget money)
Civic education
Self defense
"Know Your Status" health outreach and testing


STEP 4: The Definition of Empowerment

The Girl Power Project believes that empowered women and girls have the ability to transform themselves and others, make decisions in every dimension of their lives, hold institutions accountable, shape the choices on offer, and believe they are entitled to do so.


To dive deeper in the Girl Power Project curriculum, visit the Girl Power Project on the JLMC website.

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