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Co-Founders Ariel Gough and Edwina Govindsamy like to say that they met on an "adult playdate.” Introduced by Edwina's mother over coffee in 2015, they hit it off and immediately knew that they wanted to build a business together. They both have backgrounds in marketing and knew that they wanted to create a brand that not only offered quality products for women but empowered them and made a difference. Just under two years later, Bailly was launched and they have been having daily playdates ever since. Learn more about the co-founders here and here.
Fragrance is a staple in both of the co-founders' beauty routines. Ariel has always had to be careful and conscious of the scents that she wore because of her mother’s fragrance sensitivity. Bailly is committed to offering scents that will not negatively impact your health. Our perfume oils are coconut oil-based, which helps to create a soft scent that is not irritating or overpowering. It is also an excellent skin moisturizer. Our oils are also free of harmful chemicals, such as parabens and phthalates, as well as cruelty-free and vegan. For more information, visit our FAQ.


Bailly was inspired by the fiercely strong and ambitious women around us. “Bailly” is the name of an impact crater near the south-west side of the Moon. An impact crater a circular depression in the surface of a planet or moon, formed by the hypervelocity impact of a smaller body —is a fitting metaphor for women who, one by one, are making a positive impact in their communities and the world.
We believe in helping women and girls to recognize the power that they have to achieve their dreams and change the world. Five dollars from every purchase from our Girl Power collection goes to the Girl Power Project. Learn more about our cause here.
Although Bailly has many values, the following are our four main focuses:
Authenticity, Empowerment, Inclusivity & Impact.





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